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MBS – Residential receivables

Performing Real Estate Receivables

Brazilian Securities acquires real estate credits from developers, constructors, banks and mortgage companies, based on purchase and sale contracts for residential and commercial properties in existing property and using criteria that permit a low level of default risk. The credits are securitized and used to issue mortgage-backed securities.


Real Estate Receivables from Residential Estates

Brazilian Securities developed a structure to meet the specific requirements of projects developed under the legislation pertaining to residential estates (“loteamentos”), giving the originators of such real estate credits the option of making them available for securitization. This collateral is used to issue Mortgage Backed Securities. Once these have been placed in the market, the funds so raised are used to pay the originators of the credits.


Nonperforming Real Estate Receivables

Brazilian Securities acquires nonperforming residential and commercial real estate receivables and structures these credits in such a way as to mitigate risks arising during the construction phase. Sale of the bonds on the market provides the originators of the credit with sufficient funds to complete the project, and in certain cases brings forward the return on the development.


Corporate MBS

Real Estate Receivables from Rental

Brazilian Securities structures operations using as collateral credits arising from rental contracts.


Corporate Real Estate Assets

Structuring corporate asset demobilization projects and raising funds via Mortgage Backed Securities and Real Estate Investment Funds, in partnership with sister company Brazilian Mortgages.


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