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Brazilian Finance & Real Estate SA (BFRE), a benchmark in the Brazilian real estate financial market, was acquired in December of 2011 by Banco Pan S.A. , a financial institution that belongs to two banks: Banco BTG Pactual and Caixa Economica Federal.


BFRE has made its name in the area of real estate financing for private individuals, working through Brazilian Mortgages and the high-street stores of BM Sua Casa, as well as providing funding for developers and builders. Brazilian Securities, another BFRE group company, has helped develop the market for securitization of real estate receivables.


Brazilian Capital, formerly part of the BFRE group, was acquired by BTG Pactual which also acquired Brazilian Mortgages’ operations in the management of real estate investment funds.


Brazilian Mortgages

Founded in 1999, Brazilian Mortgages was the first independent mortgage company authorized to operate by the Brazilian Central Bank. It broke new ground in the country’s financial market by structuring the first real estate investment fund for the retail sector: Shopping Pátio Higienópolis.


Financing for builders and developers made possible the construction of developments like Vila Florença in Rio de Janeiro, Sunrise Boulevard in Santa Catarina and Edgar Degas in Salvador.


Brazilian Mortgages led the Brazilian market once again in 2006 when it started offering free-use real estate financing; effectively a form of remortgage where debt-free property is offered as collateral. The funds provided can be used without restriction, for example to buy a second property, pay for a renovation, finance children’s college or even take a vacation.


In December of 2011, Brazilian Mortgages was acquired by Banco Pan S.A., a financial institution that belongs to the Banco BTG Pactual and Caixa Economica Federal banks. Management of real estate funds previously handled by Brazilian Mortgages was transferred to Banco BTG and this activity is now part of the bank’s fund portfolio.


Brazilian Securities

The creation in 2000 of Brazilian Securities – a BFRE group company – helped stimulate the Brazilian real estate securitization market by creating new sources of funding for entrepreneurs, while offering investors different options by integrating the capital, financial and real estate markets.


It was the first company to receive an “AA1.BR” rating from Moody's Investors Service, the international risk assessment agency, for an issue of mortgage-backed securities (MBS), an alternative form of fundraising for entrepreneurs who need money quickly. Brazilian Securities is among the leaders in this market, with more than R$ 15 billion in MBS issuances.


Since 2015, Brazilian Securities expanded its activities by issuing securities backed by agribusiness receivables.

Brazilian Mortgages
Brazilian Securities
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